• Wireless Doorbell for office / restaurant and commercial use- No Battery Required + ADA SIGN RING BELL 7X10 W DOUBLE SIDED TAPE


    ADA Wireless Doorbells for office / restaurant and commercial use- No Battery Required + FREE SIGN


    1)     Self-Powered transmitter no batteries needed

    2)     Waterproof Wireless Door Bell

    3)     over 500-Foot Range

    4)     38 Melodies

    5)     4 Volume Levels & LED Flash


    Newest Self transmitter Technology, No Battery Required

    Convenient Memory Function

    The built-in memory function is a convenient feature that remembers your set melody and volume level even after a power outage, so you do not have to deal with the hassle of resetting the device every time the power goes out.



    Ring Tones: 30 Chimes

    Volume Range: 4 Adjustable levels include mute mode

    Wireless Range: 500 ft maximum (Open Space)

    Receiver Operating Voltage: AC 110V~230V

    Working Temperature: -4 °F - 140 °F


    Package Contents

    1 x Transmitter (no battery request)

    1x Plug-in receivers

    1 x Adhesive patch

    2 x Screws

    1 x User manual



    ·        self-Powered wireless door bell, no wires or batteries required. When the transmitter is pressed, it generates electric power itself and sends a stable signal to receiver. Never worry about damaging the wall or doorbell during battery replacement again!

    ·        Our wireless doorbell use stereo speaker delivers rich and crisp sound. Our wireless doorbell offers a wide selection of 36 chimes and 4 adjustable volume levels (include mute mode) for your personal taste. Long press the volume button to return to the first chimes(Dingdong).With memory function ,the wireless doorbell remembers your last settings after a power outage,don't need to adjust it every time, save more energy and time.

    ·        Our doorbell has strong penetrating power and anti-interference. Up to 500ft in open areas. Our doorbell will not interfere with other equipment in your home or those of your neighbors and ensures you will never miss a visitor, even if you are a few rooms away or on another floor. Flashing light with audio alert indicators which is easy for people including the hearing impaired to notice.

    ·        Just plug the mini receiver into a socket and fix the transmitter on a wall with the accessories provided, including 2 screws and a piece of double-sided bonding tape. Our door ring is suitable for OFFICE, WAREHOUSE, SCHOLL AND MORE. This no battery required wireless door ring makes PEREFECT SOLUTION FOR YOUR HOME


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