• * HPD required Signs Package- The Full signs Package (GOLD- Aluminium)-THE ORO LINE

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    (1) - ONE Certificate of inspection visits frame 6 x 9 (section of the law: MDL § 329)

    (2) TWO signs with name and location of person with keys to boiler room (section of the law: MDL § 27-2033.

    (1) ONE sign with superintendent/ janitor name/address (section of the law: HMC § 27-2053)

    (1) ONE Notice regarding smoke detectors (section of the law HMC 27-2045)

    (1) ONE carbon monoxide detector notice (section of the law: HMC § 27-2046.1).

    (1) ONE Gas leak notice (section of the law 27-2005)

    (1) ONE Serial number sign / building registration (section of the law: HMC § 27-2107).

    (1) ONE Sign with Housing Information Guide Notice in English and Spanish (section of the law: NYC Admin. Code § 26-1103)

    (1) ONE NYC smoke-free air act sign - no smoking or electronic cigarette use

    (1) ONE building policy on smoking

    (1) ONE fire safety PLAN

    TOTAL NUMBER OF SIGNS, including the frame: 12

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    Material: Aluminum Sign

    Size: See individual signs....on site

    Part#: GOLD Full signs Package

    Sign letters color: black

    Sign Type: Indoor wall mounted 

    Sign background color: Gold Aluminum

    Heavy duty -Two Sided tape at the back of the sign

    * More Information about each sign please go to the HPD Signage tab


    *** NOTE: Please note that the Disaster Response Signage (HMC § 27-2051.1) is NOT included in the package as it is a temporary notice that must be posted PRIOR to the arrival of a weather emergency. We do recommend to have the sign posted at the building at all times.

    *** NOTE: Additional HPD signs available that are not include in this package such as Floor numbers, Garbage collection sign, Street Number and other. Please see the Law and HPD site CLICK HERE for detail 

    If you wish to include the Disaster Response Signage (HMC § 27-2051.1) in your package, please ADD IT AS A SEPARATE ITEM. thank you!


    Question and answers about HPD Signage requirements Please click HPD signs Q&A

    What Are the HPD signs Requirements click here

    What Are the HPD signs Requirements click here


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    Obtaining HPD signs has never been easier! Just select the package you need, add to cart, pay, and your government-required signs will be at your office’s doorsteps within 2-5 business days.

    What type of HPD Violations are?

    Please click on the link below to see sample of NYC hpd Violations

    Sample HPD Violations

    Sign Group : NYC DOB, NYC HPD , Management Hallway Sign, DOB Safety Sign  , NYC Construction signs, hpd required signs,hpd signs, NYC Fire department sign, NY fire Department required sign,hpd notice, Property Management Signs

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