• Danger Construction Area Hard Hats required SIGN (Aluminum) (ALUMINUM SIGNS 12X9)


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    Danger Construction Area Hard Hats required

    Safety is number one priority in any construction area. It is your responsibility to notify workers and guests of the construction site about serious safety hazards that the relevant agencies and institutions require to be addressed via proper signs, notices and signage. Under relevant regulation, workers and guests can be prepared for the risks, hazards and threats they might encounter on the relevant construction site area by being required to wear hard hats. Our Hard Hat Area sign is the perfect solution for your construction site. OSHA regulations require the use of hard hats as pieces of risk- prevention equipment prescribed via appropriately formatted signs. It is required to use proper signage aiming to avoid injury from falling objects or debris. This hard hats sign is required in any work site that may expose its workers or guests to injuries provoked by falling objects.


    The use of this DANGER HARD HATS REQUIRED sign decreases the chance one might run into fines and other forms of liability enforcement issued by the city for not complying with Department of Building Regulation. SAFETY IS FIRST !!! 

    • Safety signs are used to communicate facility polices to personnel.

    •Identify HARD HAT Area

    •Deny access to PEOPLE WITOUT HARD HAT.

    •Traditional OSHA-style signs, tags and labels are the most widely recognized design format in the industry

    •Danger header indicates a hazardous situation that, if not avoided, will result in death or serious injury

    •Required in most cities with boiler room and department of building  regulation


    Size  12 Inch x  9 Inch   (304.8 MMX228.6MM)

    Sign has mounting holes in each corner.

    Round Corner

    Material: Aluminum

    Sign Thickness is 0.023 of an inch

    UPC: 762952455498

    Part #: DOB 5001

    Sign letters color: black

    Sign background color: Off White

    Sign Type; Wall Mounting 

    Sign Group : NYC DOB, NYC HPD , Management Hallway Sign, DOB Saftey Sign  , NYC Construction signs

    This is an aluminum “DANGER CONSTRUCTION AREA HARD HATS REQUIRED” SIGN with WHITE BACKGROUND,size 9x12 and 4 drill holes for installation.In NYC post sign to inform employees/guest/workers/officers of designated area with safety hats/helmets required


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    At HPDsigns we specialize with all NYC Department of Building signage (DOB), NYC Housing Preservation and Development signage (HPD) and NYC Department of Transportation signage (DOT). Our objective is to provide property managers, construction site operators and building owners with signs required by NYC agencies and NYC Fire Department, aluminum signs, warnings and notices for quick and heavy duty installation, required building  signs, aluminum signs to install in buildings with proper HPD designation, as well as Danger Construction Area Hard Hats required SIGNs

    This is an aluminum “Work area HARD HATS REQUIRED” SIGN with holes for HEAVY DUTY installation. In NYC use/post sign to inform tenants/owners/guests/officers of use hard hats and helmets safety instructions on construction site and facility with proper HPD designation and aluminum signs

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