- FULL HOUSE PACKAGE (White Aluminium)

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NYC HPD SIGNS: NYC HPD Signage; HPD required-signage

                  FULL HOUSE PACKAGE



                                                        ALL REQUIRED HPD /DOB SIGNS PACKAGE


1. One (1) - Certificate of inspection visits frame (section of the law: MDL § 329)

2. Two (2) - signs with name and location of person with keys to boiler room (section of the law: MDL § 27-2033.

3. One (1) - sign with superintendent/ janitor name/address(section of the law: HMC § 27-2053)

4. One (1) - sign with notice regarding smoke detectors (section of the law: HMC § 27-2045).

5. One (1) - sign with carbon monoxide detector notice (section of the law: HMC § 27-2046.1).

6. One (1) - Serial Number Signage

7. One (1) - sign with Housing Information Guide Notice (section of the law: NYC Admin. Code § 26-1103)

8. One (1) - Roof access authorized persons only 



      9. One (1) - Fire Safety Notice: Combustible Buildings




    11. One (1) - Electrical panel sign

    12. Two(2) Fire extinguisher Arrow sign

    13. One (1) - No Smoking- violators are subject to fines of $250-$1000

    14. One (1) -  Danger Electric Meter Room - No Storage

    15. One (1) - DANGER Gas Meter No Smoking No Open Flame


Bonus Gift

16. One (1) - No Storage in Hallway Sign

17. One (1) - Heavy duty Notice frame 8.5x11 for Gas Leak

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*** NOTE: Please note that the Disaster Response Signage (HMC § 27-2051.1) is NOT included in the package as it is a temporary notice that must be posted PRIOR to the arrival of a weather emergency. We do recommend to have the sign posted at the building at all times. -Buy Now Disaster Response Signage 

*** NOTE: Additional HPD signs available that are not include in this package such as Floor numbers, Garbage collection sign, Street Number and other. Please see the Law and HPD site  for detail. 

Question and answers about HPD Signage requirements Please click HPD signs Q&A


What type of HPD Violations are?

Please click on the link below to see sample of NYC hpd Violations

Sample HPD Violations

Sign Group : NYC DOB, NYC HPD , Management Hallway Sign, DOB Saftey Sign  , NYC Construction signs

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